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Prof. Dr. Andrea Sinz

W3-Professor for Pharmaceutical Chemistry Institute of Pharmacy, MLU, Germany (since 2007). The expertise of Andrea Sinz is on studying protein structures and protein-protein interaction networks by cross-linking/mass spectrometry.

Academic Training

  • 2006 Habilitation in Bioanalytical Chemistry, University of Leipzig
  • 1997 PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Marburg
  • 1988-1993 Studies in Pharmacy, University of Tübingen

Professional Career

  • 2019 Offer for Full Professor (W3) at University of Frankfurt declined
  • Since 2007 Full Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (W3), University of Halle-Wittenberg
  • 2001-2006 Head of research group “Protein-Ligand Interactions Studied by Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry”, Biotechnological-Biomedical Center, Leipzig University
  • 2000/2001 Scientific Assistant (Mass Spectrometry) at the Universities of Gießen and Rostock
  • 1998-2000 Postdoctoral Researcher, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA


  • 2023 initiated as member of Saxon Academy of Sciences and Humanities
  • 2019 Fresenius award of the Society of German Chemists (GDCh)
  • 2016 Top 50 Women in Analytical Science (The Analytical Scientist)
  • 2006 Innovation award in Medicinal/Pharmaceutical Chemistry of the GDCh and the DPhG
  • 2004 Mattauch-Herzog award of the German Society for Mass Spectrometry (DGMS)

Selected Activities

  • 2019-2023 Speaker of DFG-funded Research Training Group 2467 “Intrinsically Disordered Proteins - Intrinsically Disordered Proteins”
  • Since 2019 Head Center for Structural Mass Spectrometry, Halle
  • 2017-2020 President of the German Society for Mass Spectrometry (DGMS)
  • 2014-2018 Chief section editor Medicinal/Pharmaceutical Chemistry of the Journal “Frontiers in Chemistry”
  • 2011-2016 Member of DFG (German Research Foundation) committee for scientific instrumentation


AG Sinz, spring 2023; L-R Martina Mannd, Christian Arlt, Janett Koeppen, Florian Otto, Dirk Taenzler, Juan Camilo Rojas Echeverri, Alessio Di Ianni, Claudia Spielmann, Wiebke Schultze, Wiebke Günther, Christian Ihling, Vishnupriya Pandey, Chrisoph Haage, Marc Kipping, Lydia Kollhoff, Andrea Sinz. © Marc Kipping.
Daniele Ubbiali PhD Student
Structural studies of α-synuclein by cross-linking/MS
now: Eurofins, Italy
Alan An Jung Wei PhD Student
Structural characterization of the protein interactions of full-length tumor suppressor p53
now: Postdoctoral Scientist at Max Delbrück Center, Berlin
Martina Mannd Technical Assistant
now: Enjoying life in retirement
Dr. Lolita Piersimoni Scientific Coordinator RTG2467
p53 in vivo Interaction Network
now: Chiesi, Italy
Dr. Anne Rehkamp PhD Student
Mass spectrometric investigation of retinal guanylyl cyclase/GCAP-2 interaction
Prof. Dr.
Elisabeth Schwarz
Scientific Coordinator RTG2467
now: emeritus and President of Rainer Rudolph Stiftung
Christoph Hage PhD Student:
Development and Application of Novel Cross-Linkers for Protein Structure Analysis
now: Skinomics GmbH, Halle
Jana Lorenz PhD Student:
Interaction Studies of FNT Channels by Mass Spectrometry
Christine Piotrowski
PhD Student:
Investigation of Calmodulin/Munc13 Interaction
now: Biochem Agrar GmbH
Björn Häupl
PhD Student:
Characterization of Proteinkinase D complexes
now: University of Frankfurt
Vanessa Flegler (Kunkel) Master Thesis:
Native Mass Spectrometry and Chemical Cross-linking for the Structural Analysis of the Tumor Suppressor Protein p53
now: University of Würzburg Awarded with the GBM Master Prize 2016
Rico Schmidt
Method Development for Protein/Protein and Protein/Lipid Interaction Studies by Cross-linking/MS
now: IDT Biologika Dessau
Dr. Konstanze Bosse PhD Student:
Analysis of the Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Secretome by Mass Spectrometry
Sindy Lindner Diploma Student:
Evaluation of Peptide-Lipid Interactions by Photo Chemical Crosslinking/MS (Coorperation with Dr. Simon Drescher)
now: PhD Student, Drescher Lab
Rico Schwarz
PhD Student:
Mass Spectrometric Studies of Peroxisome Proliferator- Activated Receptors
now: University of Rostock Awarded with the “Bayer-Bitterfeld Award”
Nadja Mallock PhD Student:
Characterization of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins by Mass Spectrometry
now: Berlin
Dennis Glaser Diploma Student:
Evaluation of Novel Cross-linkers for Protein Structure Analysis
Michael Zorn
PhD Student:
Mass Spectrometric Investigation of Protein Interaction Partners of Formiate Dehydrogenase
now: Boehringer-Ingelheim, Biberach
Jens Pettelkau
PhD Student:
Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Guanylyl Cyclase-Activating Protein-2
now: Sandoz Kundl, Austria Awarded with the “Bayer-Bitterfeld Award”
Knut Kölbel
Staff Scientist:

now: Uetrecht Lab, HPI Hamburg
Romy Fritzsche PhD Student:
Novel CID-Cleavable Cross-Linkers: Synthesis, Fragmentation Mechanism, and Application for Protein Structure Analysis
now: Teacher
Sabine Herbst
PhD Student:
Investigation of Calmodulin/Target Interactions by Mass Spectrometry
now: mibe GmbH, Brehna
Philip Lössl
Master Thesis:
Mass Spectrometric Investigations of Laminin/Nidogen Interaction
now: Springer Nature, Berlin
Jens Sproß
Monolithic Columns for Proteomics Applications
now: Head of Mass Spectrometry, University of Bielefeld
Laxmikanth Kollipara Master Thesis:
Evaluation of Chemical Cross-Linking and Mass Spectrometry for Studying Three-Dimensional Protein Structures
now: TU Dortmund
Mathias Müller
PhD Student:
Mass Spectrometric Investigation of Peroxisome-Proliferator Activated Receptor alpha
now: ThermoFisher Scientific Bremen Awarded with the "Bayer-Bitterfeld Award"
Fabian Krauth
PhD Student:
The human 5-Lipoxygenase: Synthesis and Characterization of Potential Inhibitors and Investigation of Conformational Changes in the C2-like Domain after Ligand Binding
now: Klinikum Magdeburg
Stefan Kneisel Diploma Student:
LC/ESI-MS/MS Investigation of Cyclooxygenase and 5-Lipoxygenase Inhibitors: Quantification of Eicosanoids from Human Blood after Stimulation
now: Freiburg
Stefan Kalkhof
PhD Student:
Structural Investigation of Proteins and Protein Complexes by Mass Spectrometry-Based Methods
now: Hochschule Coburg
Ines Pottratz Diploma Student:
Investigation of Calmodulin/Munc13 Peptide Complexes by Chemical Cross-Linking and High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
now: Anhalt University of Applied Sciences Köthen
M. Schulz
PhD Student:
Protein-Protein Interaction Studies by Chemical Cross-Linking and Mass Spectrometry
now: Helmholtz Center Neuherberg (Munich)